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List of Contributors
Many thanks to all of the following who have contributed lists of names and/or transcripts to this site.
Cath, Christine in Herts, Mary, Patreece, Simon, Dave Adkins, John Attfield, Dave Annal, Richard Arwen, Edwin Ashby, Gillian Barnes, Linda Beebe, Bruce Blanchard, Jackie Blackman, Dave Campbell, Geoffrey Chew, Jean Clements, Peterson Cobbett, Susan Coe, Tony Collins, Dave Cooper, Ann Day, Bob Douglas, Ros Dunning, Barbara Earl, Linda Franksbeebe, Sue Freestone, Paul Gates, Judith Gibbons, Andrea Greenwood, Andrea Gulland, Kevin Gumbrell, Viv Hawley, Vanessa Holland, Arthur Hopkins, Barbara Jefford, Mary Kienapple, Lois Lannin, Jan Lees, Jen Legg, Christopher Lewis, Jane Lindsay, Alwynne Mackie, Eira Makepeace, Howard Marchant, Pamela Martin, Jo Mason, Irene McFarlane, Judy Meibusch, Jeanette de Montalk, Colin Moretti, Celia Moss, Domonic Motto, J D Murphy, Richard Myers, Alexander Neale, Matthew Newbold, Fionnghal NicPhadraig, Katherine O'Regan, Roger Partridge, Mark Pepall, Lorraine Phillips, Alex Prichard, Catherine Pritchard, Terence Quirke, Richard Reeves, Kathleen Rogers, Ann Sadler, Linda Smith, Ann Spiro, Doug Stewart, Anne Stubbington, Bronwen Summers, Michael Synge, Chris Thomas, Vicki Turner, Mike Walton, Jean Warren, Joy Waters, Ray Whittinger, Ann Widdowson, Tony Williams, Zillah Williams, Vic Wise, Jim Wishart, Sue Woods, Marion Woolgar


"Annals of an Old Manor House" by Frederick Harrison provided will and inventory transcripts for the Weston family of Sutton Place.
Cliff Webb has published, through WSFHS, extracts of early Surrey wills. These have provided the basis for many names in the index. Please note that Cliff retains the copyright to these extracts and he has licensed OMS Services Ltd to be the sole provider of online access to this material.
Frederick Arthur Crisp, who submitted a number of early 17th century wills to the Surrey Archaeological Collections in 1895.
Douglas Burbury's website for the BURBURY name.
Des Gander's family history website for the GANDER name.
Robert Sterry's website for the STERRY name worldwide.