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Aerial view of Bisley circa 1970 (462kb)
Cowshot - formerly Glebe land (95kb) Bisley Home Guard 1944 (380kb)
Malay Guides (Quartermaine cars) (383kb)

Beating the bounds - a perambulation of the parish boundaries conducted, 40 days after Easter, on Ascension Day or Holy Thursday. The school children would accompany the Rector and others on a walk around the parish boundaries 'whipping' various markers on the way around. Sometimes the children would be whipped, doused with water or banged against posts or barn doors to 'make them remember' the boundaries.
Beating the Parish Bounds (64kb)

Bisley, once a remote heathland hamlet, is now famous as the home of the annual National Rifle Association Championships, which was moved to Bisley from Wimbledon in 1890. Now each summer the ranges attract marksmen from all over the world.
Photographs of Bisley Camp and Ranges

Bisley PO, 1911 (163kb)   Bisley PO, 1930 (284kb)
St John the Baptist Church, 1909 (63kb)   Interior of St John the Baptist Church, 1909 (48kb)
St John the Baptist Church Porch (45kb)   St John the Baptist Church, from south, 1938 (65kb)
Clews Lane, c1910 (41kb)   Clews Lane, 1941 (55kb)
Clews Lane, c1920 (37kb)   Clews Lane & PO, c1950 (133kb) )
Boys Refuge Farm School, c.1900 (53kb)   Boys Refuge Farm School, 1911 (53kb)
Boys Refuge Farm School Pupils, c.1877 (46kb)   Barley Mow PH (48kb)
Bisley Green (24kb)   Bisley Green, c.1905 (47kb)
Hen & Chickens PH (48kb)   Village Institute (32kb)
School House (61kb)   Shaftesbury School (39kb)
Shaftesbury School (36kb)   Inside Shaftesbury School (24kb)
Guildford Road c.1951 (31kb)   Fox Corner (27kb)
Fox Inn (35kb)   Bisley Common (23kb)
Queens Road (from the ranges) (48kb)   Princess Christian Homes (46kb)
Bungalow Hospital c.1910 (196kb)   Bungalow Hospital c.1915 (43kb)
Bungalow Hospital 1998 (163kb)   Peace Celebrations, 5 Aug 1919 (71kb)
Bank Holiday Fete, 1925 (26kb)   Working party, 1911 (42kb)
Princess Christian Home and Workshops (60kb)   Ford Lane (31kb)
Bisley Bullet, 1938 (49kb)   Bisley Bullet, 1952 (119kb)
St John the Baptist Church, c.1825 (44kb)   St John the Baptist Church, c.1825 (53kb)
St John the Baptist Church Interior, 1873 (65kb)   Wilcot Close (42kb)
Balloon (198kb)   St John the Baptist Church (165kb)
St John the Baptist Church (178kb)   St John the Baptist Church Porch (166kb)
Greyfriars (162kb)   Gardening Class (173kb)
School Playing Fields (150kb)   Fox Corner c.1930 (358kb)
Hen & Chickens 1960s (289kb)   Car Rally 1952 (124kb)
Poplars 1910 (119kb)   Farm & Shaftesbury Schools' Chapel (119kb)
Shaftesbury Road c1930 (164kb) New   Bisley Green c1930 (112kb) New