Lords of the Manor of Bisley

The Hamlet of Bisley was originally part of the manor of Byfleet, owned by Chertsey Abbey (probably from it's foundation in AD 666).

From 1337 to 1533 the manor was granted to the Duchy of Cornwall, reverting to the crown when there was no Duke. The Dukedom of Cornwall always belongs to the eldest son of the Sovereign. Cornwall was the first dukedom ever conferred in the Kingdom of England, being created for Edward, the Black Prince, the eldest son of Edward III in 1337. After Edward predeceased the King, the dukedom was recreated for his son, the future Richard II. Under a charter of 1421, the dukedom passes to the Sovereign's eldest son and heir. If the eldest son of the Sovereign dies, his eldest son does not inherit the Dukedom. However, if the eldest son should die without children, his next brother obtains the Dukedom. Underlying these rules is the principle that only a son of the Sovereign never a grandson, even if he is the Heir Apparent - may be Duke of Cornwall.

In those days, Windsor Forest extended as far as Woking - it is likely that the Dukes and Sovereigns visited the area on hunting trips but otherwise would have taken little or no interest. When James I granted Bisley to Sir Edward Zouch in 1620 (along with Woking and Chobham), it became split from Byfleet and has been a separate manor ever since.

In 1298, Henry de Leybourne sold a piece of the land (approx 52 acres) to Hugh de Smershull, which thus became detached from the rest of the hamlet and is the piece shown on the tithe map as 'Bisley detached'

Prior to 1250   Chertsey Abbey   1511-1514 Henry VIII
c.1250-1267  Richard de Lucy   1514-1514 Prince Henry
1267-1285  Geoffrey de Lucy   1514-1533 Henry VIII
1285-1294  Geoffrey de Lucy jnr.   1533-1536 Catherine of Aragon
1294-1325  Henry de Leybourne   1536-1547 Henry VIII
1298-1305 'Bisley detached' to Hugh de Smershull  1547-1553 Edward VI
1305-1319 'Bisley detached' to Amicia de Chabeham  1553-1558 Mary I
1319-1325 'Bisley detached' to John de Arderne  1558-1603 Elizabeth I
1307-13?? Peter de Gaveston  1603-16?? James I
13??-1327  Edward II   16??-1612  Prince Henry Frederick
1327-1330 Queen Isabella  1612-1619 Ann of Denmark
1330-1336 John of Eltham (Earl of Cornwall)  1619-1620 James I
1336-1337 Edward III  1620-1634 Sir Edward Zouche
1337-1376 Prince Edward (The Black Prince)  1634-1644 James Zouch
1376-1377 Prince Richard of Bordeaux  1644-1708 James Zouch jnr
1377-1399 Richard II  1708-1715 Barbara Villiers, Duchess of Cleveland
1399-1413 Prince Henry  1715-1736 John Walter Esquire
1413-1421 Henry V  1736-1752 Abel Walter
1421-1422 Prince Henry  1752-1814 George Onslow, 1st Earl of Onslow
1422-1453 Henry VI  1814-1827 Thomas Onslow, 2nd Earl of Onslow
1453-1461 Prince Edward of Westminster 1827-1870 Arthur George Onslow, 3rd Earl of Onslow
1461-1483 Edward IV  1870-1911 William Hillier Onslow, 4th Earl of Onslow
1483-1483 Edward V  Nov 1894 Bisley Surrey Parish Council established and formed under the "Local Government Act".
1483-1484 Prince Edward of Middleham 1911-1945 Richard William Alan Onslow, 5th Earl of Onslow
1484-1485 Richard III  1945-1971 William Arthur Bampfylde Onslow, 6th Earl of Onslow
1485-1486 Henry VII  1971-2011  Michael William Coplestone Dillon Onslow, 7th Earl of Onslow
1486-1502 Prince Arthur Tudor  2011 to date Rupert Charles William Bullard Onslow, 8th Earl of Onslow
1502-1509 Prince Henry Tudor     
1509-1511 Henry VIII 
1511-1511 Prince Henry