Surrey Assizes - General Quarter Sessions

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Easter 1661
"John Banister late of Bisley, yeoman, 11 Feb 1661, being then bailiff in the County, extortionately and unlawfully exacted and took from Anthony Snellinge there, for his arrest 13s which the said Banister took as his fee, whereas in truth no fee or premium was in such case lawfully due, in evil example ... and against the peace ..."

14 July 1663, at Guildford
"The following highways are out of repair, ditches overflowing for want of scouring, watercourses obstructed and pits left open, ever since 1 July liability and penaties as shown.
       ... The ditches of John Cobbett and Henry Lee, yeomen, late of Bisley near the highway from Purbright to Chertsey"

Tuesday 14th April 1664 at Reygate
"The Churchwardens and Overseers of Bisley complaining of the poverty of their parish, petition for the help of other parishes towards the maintenance of their numerous poor. Ordered that the parishes of Chertsey, Chobham, and Egham shall contribute towards the maintenance of the poor of Bisley unless they shew cause to the contrary at the next General Quarter Session."

Tuesday 12th July 1664, at Guildford
"The inhabitants of Bisley complaining of the poverty of their parish, petition for the help of Thorpe, Horsell and Frimley towards the maintenance of their numerous poor. Referred to the J.P.s of the West Division or any three of them, who, at their next meeting at Guildford, are to examine the matter and to have the last rate and Assessment for poor relief shewn to them by the Churchwardens and Overseers of Bisley. If they are in favour of granting the petition, they are also to examine into the poor rates of the above parishes that they may 'equally and indifferently appoint what summes of money will bee fittinge to bee chardged on the said parishes respectively'. They are to certify their proceeding at the next sessions"

"Thomas Blundell late of Bisley, labourer, ever since 3 July has been 'communis et publicus venator et destruor Jocalium domini Regis Anglice a common potcher and destroyer of the King's Game.'"

10th January 1665, at Croydon
"Thomas Blundell late of Bisley, yeoman, 1 November made assault and affray there, with 'Tormento Anglice a hand gun', and other weapons, upon George Remnant, Bisley, yeoman"

4th April 1665, at Reigate
"Before Anthony Thomas, esq. J.P. 16 January, John Ashfeild ... 10 ... and keep the peace towards Thomas Blundell, Bisley."

13th July 1665, at Guildford
"Humphrey Feild, late of Bisley, yeoman ever since 1 June has allowed his watercourse there, leading from Trulley lane to a bridge commonly called Newbridge in the said parish, to overflow in rainy weather."

July 1667
"Thomas Blundell, Bysley, tailor ... 40 ... to answer for 'his contempt to the court amongst others appointed for the said County in and by one Act of Parliament intitled an Act for raiseing money by a poll and otherwise towards the maintenance of the present Warr."

October 1667
"... Edward Byne appeared at this General Quarter Session in person and gave information that Henry Collyer late of Horsell, yeoman, since 1 September last rooted up wood and underwood in 20 acres of woodland in Bisley, and converted it to tillage : and he wishes to prove that on 24 January 1543 the said 20 acres were laid out and reserved for the increase of wood and underwood : this land being 2 furlongs from Collyer's house. The said Collyer should forfeit 40 viz 2 per acre. And the said Edward Byne claims a moiety of the forfeit and asks advice of the Court etc and due process of the law against the said Henry Collyer to answer etc."

July 1694, at Guildford
"Ordered that Thomas Palmer of Bisley husbandman doe pay to ye parishioners of Pirbright doe pay to the releife of his grandchildren children of John Palmer. To pay 12d. per weeke..."