1664 Hearth Tax

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About the Hearth Tax
The Hearth Tax was first collected at Michaelmas (29th September) 1662.  Thereafter it was collected twice per year on Lady Day (25th March) and Michaelmas.   Occupiers (not owners) of houses were charged 2s for each of their hearths.  The poor were exempt, as were industrial hearths with the exception of bakers and smiths.

Although the Hearth Tax continued until 1689, records are only generally available for 1662-1666 and 1669-1674.  This page contains details from the Roll for Lady Day 1664.   This roll was the last one in the initial two years of the tax.  During this period the tax was collected by the whole machinery of seventeenth century local government, from Sheriff through Justices and Clerk of the Peace. High and Parish Constables, Headboroughs and Tythingmen, the parsons, churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor.

Chargeable Entries : 18 :      Hearths : 47 :      Not Chargeable : 21 :    No details
George Rempnant, Constable.
Chargeable      Not chargeable
NameNo of
      NameNo of
Thomas Blundell4      widow Banister1
Thomas Chewter2      John Burl1
John Cobbett, of Butt3      Henry Carter2
John Cobbett, Weaver1      Henry Cobbett2
Henry Collyer2      John Cobbett, snr2
Robert Davye3      widow Collier1
Humphrey Feild4      widow Collier3
Thomas Finch2      Henry Edmead2
Richard Grove3      Margaret Feild, widow1
Ambrose Hone1      George Higham1
Joseph Hone3      Matthew Hone2
William Jewill1      widow Hone2
Henry Lee2      William Martin1
Thomas Martin, jnr1      George Massey1
George Rempnant6      Richard Massey1
William Rogers, snr2      George Nichols1
Thomas Spong3      Thomas Pritchett1
Richard Tuesbey2      William Rogers, jnr1
      Anthony Snelling1
      Richard Snelling, snr2
      Thomas Thetcher2