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The Queen's Prize (1986 BBC documentary)    53 mins 43 secs
Bisley - The first 100 years (1890-1990)    42 mins
Queen's Prize 2012 (The Shooting Show)    8 mins 40 secs

Links to short film clips on British Pathé website (Pathé and Reuters archives)
Bisley Rifles (1914 - 1918)    Silent
Victory Bisley Meeting (1919)    Silent    Featuring Sister F G Preston
Pistol Shooting (1920)    Silent
King's Prize 1920    Silent    F H Morgan
59th Bisley Meeting (1921)    Silent
King's Prize Winner 1921    Silent    Sgt J Cunningham
Bisley Meeting 1923    Silent
King's Prize Winner 1923    Silent    E H Robinson
King's Prize winner 1924    Silent    Pte D Burke (Can)
Queen Mary's Prize 1925    Silent   
King's Prize Winner 1925    Silent    Archie Smith
King's Prize Winner 1926    Silent    Sgt Arthur G Fulton
Camera interview with Sgt Fulton (1926)    Silent
King's Prize 1927    Silent    Capt C H Vernon
King's Prize Winner 1928    Silent    Cpl A C Hale
Bisley Meeting 1929    Silent   
King's Prize 1929    Silent    Lt Col R M Blair
King's Prize Winner 1930    Sound    Miss Marjorie Foster (wrongly given as Muriel)
King's Prize Winner 1930    Silent    Slightly longer but without sound
Interview with Marjorie Foster    Sound   
King's Prize Winner 1932    Sound    C S M Bayly
King's Prize 1933    Sound    Douglas Woods
Schools' Day 1934    Sound   
School's Day 1938    Sound   
King's Prize 1938    Sound    Capt J A Barlow
King's Prize Winner 1939    Sound    Capt T S Smith
Home Guard & Bisley (1940)    Sound   
King's Prize 1946    Silent    Sqn Ldr Willot
Queen Mary's Prize 1947    Silent   
King's Prize 1947    Sound    WO Bennett
King's Prize 1949    Sound    Capt E W H Brooks
Schools' day 1950    Sound   
Cadet marksmen 1953    Sound   
Queen's Prize 1956    Silent    Maj Twine
Inter-Services Match 1959    Silent   
Queen's Prize 1960 (Centenary year)    Sound    Sgt G Westling (Can);  Attended by Her Majesty
Bisley Meeting 1965    Silent   
Queen's Prize 1965    Silent    Capt J A Allen
Canadians at Bisley 1966    Silent   
Queen's Prize 1966    Silent    Maj Richard Hampton