Description of The Parish Bounds

'A list of the parish boundaries made the 25th day of May in the year 1805.'

'Beginning first on Bisley Church Green at a mapel against Mr. Collyer's called Barhan
Bareing to the south side of the green up Kill Lane to a cross of the south side of the lane in the corner against Kill Close.
Through the hedge into Clinton's fields to a cross in an oak, keep along Clinton's fields into Hangmore Cops.
Over into Halls Mead along into the bushes at the gate a cross in a oak, from that to Spongs yard in a elm, from that to the furst tree at the lane end a cross.
Keep a crost the Coman a little below Carmans to a cross.
Bare a long the south side of the hill to a cross.
Start to Halls ground to a cross.
Under the Hedgen through the ground to a cross at the corner of Halls against Roaks Mead.
Keep a long up the Mead to Water Lane end to a cross.
Start a long up to Towers Mead a cross in a oak.
Another cross at the Sheep Wash at the further corner of the Mead.
Over the Witherack back. Under the hedge a crost the Common to the Limekill a distance from the hedge a cross keep round under the hedge to the road that comes from pold oak to Cowshot Corner a cross.
Bare up the side of Gravel pit hill to a cross.
Keep along to a cross upon the hill.
Back down the side of the hill to a cross.
Down to pold oak a cross in the oak.
Keep along under the hedge Godyhale Lane end, a cross.
Over the gate into Mr. Street's field down to the corner into the Cops to a crab between the furs field and the Cops a cross.
A crost the Cops to the corner of the Sapite field in a oak a cross.
A long Mr. Street's Mead to the Lane to a cross in a Crab.
Bareing to pingrove to a cross in a Crab.
A long pingrove into Rogers field to a cross in a chery tree against Sarles Mead.
A long over the hedge into the lane to a cross at Brigses gate.
Keep round the Common to Truley Water a cross.
Keep to the right hand of Neysmith's Mead to the corner of Trys Mead to a cross in a oak against Royers Mead to a cross at Truly house door a gainst the yard.
Keep to the left hand of Royers field round to the gate to a cross in the lane.
A long the lane to Newbrige a cross.
Down old house lane to Trys Mead Gate a cross, into Chobbam field.
Up the meadow piece into Little Burcet up under the hedge to a cross in a crab.
Keep a long into the other field down the road to the corner a cross in a crab.
A crost the Mead into Royers field to the left hand hedge a cross in a oak, a long at the end of hill place field over the stile in the lane a cross, a long the lane to hostone Gate a cross, up the lane to Cotts Barn Door a cross, down the lane to Clepitts Gate to a cross, up the fields down into Bunans Lane to a cross at the corner of Friends field, a long up the lane round by hostone Gate up to hilplace.
Seven Eakers Gate a cross, down the lane to the Stile round to the right of hillplace field, up under the Hedge into Old House field down into Church Lane.'