Allegations for Marriage Licences
issued by the Commissary Court of Surrey between 1673 and 1770

Transcribed from the original records & edited by Alfred Ridley Bax F.S.A

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22 Nov 1729. Henry Whittall of Beesley, Weaver, 32 and Susan Badham of Walton upon Thames, singlewoman, 31; at Beesley. Richard Westbrook of Warplesdon, Farmer, 2nd s. Both sign.
17 Mar 1735.  John Turner of Bisley, day labourer, 22, and Mary Turner of Chobham, spinster, 24; at Chobham, or Bisley, or Horsell. William Harvest of Chobham, Yeoman, 2nd s. He signs.  J.T. marks.
4 Aug 1737. Henry Wallden of Wokeing, Stay maker, 29, and Sarah Call of Bisley, spinster, 29; at Horsell, Chobham or Bisley. John Heath of Guldeford, cordwainer, 2nd s. Both sign.
31 Mar 1741. George Bignall of Bixley, co. Surrey, Farmer, bachelor, 31, and Elisabeth Turner of Chobham, spinster, 27; At St Marie's, Guildford.
24 Nov 1748. Moses Everitt of Bisley, Yeoman, 30, and Elizabeth Attfield of Windlesham, spinster, 30; at Bisley. Thomas Lovell of Windlesham, Yeoman, 2nd s.
1 Nov 1749. John Street of Chobham, Blacksmith, and Ann Rempnant of Bisly; at Bisley, Chobham or Farnborough, Diocese of Winchester. Henry Street of Chobham, blacksmith, 2nd s.
2 Aug 1752. Richard Trye of Bisley, Husbandman, bachelor, 30, and Anne Tedder of the same parish, spinster, 21; at Stoke next Guildford. Edward Boyce of Stoke, parish clerk, 2nd s.
13 Jun 1754. John Whitehall of Bisley, abode 40 years, poulterer, widower, 50, and Mary Wigam of Bisley, abode 6 months, widow, 48; at Bisley. John Shier of Worplesdon, brick burner, 2nd s.
23 Jul 1754. Thomas May of Bisley, abode 4 weeks, husbandman, bachelor, 21, and Elizabeth Wey of Bisley, abode 4 weeks, widow, 34; at Bisley William May of Yately, Hants, Husbandman, 2nd s.
1 Dec 1759. Henry Bullin of Sheer, abode 4 weeks, Farmer, bachelor, 27, and Jane Egleton of Sheer, abode 4 weeks, widow, 35; at Sheer. William Gosden of Bisley, Farmer, 2nd s.
2 Jul 1764. William Clew of Bisley, Surry, abode 4 weeks, Yeoman, signs, bachelor 21, and Mary Russell of Horsell, abode 4 weeks, spinster, 21; at Bisley or Horsell.
18 Aug 1768. Thomas Richbell of West Clandon, abode 4 weeks, victualler, signs, widower, 50, and Mary Cuxey of Bisley, co. Surry, abode 4 weeks, widow, 48; at Bisley.
2 Dec 1769. John Thomas, his late residence since Michaelmas last has been in the parish of Leatherhead, Surrey, but it does not appear upon his examination whether he belongs to the parish of Bisley or Woking Husbandman, bachelor, 21, and Sarah Fladgate, dwelling in Chobham, spinster, 19; at Chobham. With consent of Henry Fladgate of Chobham, Husbandman, her father. The mark of Henry Fladgate. Witness William Goreing. Henry Bartholomew of Horsel, Yeoman, 2nd s., signs.
16 Apr 1770. John Sharp of Warfield, co. Berks, abode 4 weeks, he marks, bachelor, 26 and Ann Harding of Bisley, co. Surrey, spinster 23; at Bisley. Witness, John Martin, who signs. Arthur "Hardun" one of the witnesses to the Bond.
2 Oct 1770. John Underwood of Chobham, abode 4 weeks, Husbandman, signs, bachelor, 23, and Ann Hammond of Bisley, spinster; at Bisley or Chobham. John Benge of Worplesdon, Innholder, 2nd s. Both sign.