The London & Westminster Bank was started in 1834. It was the first joint-stock bank to set up in London, directly challenging the monopoly of the Bank of England.

In 1909 it took over the London & County Bank to become the London, County & Westminster Bank.

Cheque issued by London, County & Westminster Bank  

In 1918 London, County & Westminster Bank merged with Parr's Bank to become the London, County, Westminster & Parr’s Bank Ltd, simplifying the name in 1923 to Westminster Bank Ltd.

Cheque issued by London, County, Westminster & Parr's Bank  

Two cheques issued by Westminster Bank

In 1968, the bank merged with the National Provincial Bank to become the National Westminster Bank (Natwest) of today’s high streets. The bank first appeared in Surrey in the 1890s with branches at Streatham and Balham.

Surrey branches (pre-1900): Balham, Southwark, Streatham