The only private bank to trade in Camberley was the Reading Bank of Simonds & Co. 

On July 31st 1814 William Blackall Simonds established a new bank in Reading in partnership with his son Henry, two cousins, John & Charles, and a Mr. Nicholson.  The bank traded as Reading Bank.

Unissued £1 note of Simonds Bank

Unissued £5 note of Simonds Bank

The bank eventually had twenty-three branches, including two in Surrey.  From 2nd December 1863 a branch opened twice weekly in York Town.  From 1887 it then opened daily.  In 1896 a sub-branch, from York Town was opened in Camberley.  From 1900 this became a full branch and the York Town office became the sub-branch.

Simonds & Co. was taken over by Barclays Bank in 1913.

Cheque issued by the Camberley branch of Barclays Bank, showing its roots back to Simonds Bank