As a joint-stock bank, Parr’s Bank was started in 1865 as Parr’s Banking Co. Ltd.  It had however been in existence as a private bank for many years with a head office in Warrington.

In 1892 it took over the Alliance Bank Ltd and then traded as Parr’s Banking Co. and The Alliance Bank Ltd. until 1896 when the name was simplified to Parr’s Bank Ltd.

Cheque issued by Parr's Banking Company & The Alliance Bank Ltd

Amongst the seventeen banks taken over by Parr’s was Shrubsole and Co., of Kingston-upon-Thames, in 1894.

In 1918 the bank was taken over by London County & Westminster, the name surviving until 1923 in the rather cumbersome form of London, County, Westminster and Parrs Bank Limited.

Cheque issued by London, County, Westminster and Parrs Bank  Ltd

Surrey Branches (pre-1900): Cobham, Norbiton (as Parr's Bank); Streatham, Kingston-upon-Thames (as Parr's Bank & Alliance Bank)