The bank started in 1836 as the Birmingham & Midland Banking Co. which changed its name to the Birmingham and Midland Bank Ltd. in 1880. In 1891 it became the London and Midland Bank Ltd., and in 1898 the London, City & Midland Bank Ltd.

In 1918 having taken over the London Joint Stock Bank it became the London Joint, City & Midland Bank Ltd.  In 1923 this was simplified to Midland Bank Ltd., which was the bank we saw in the high streets until it became part of HSBC in 1997.

The bank first appeared in Surrey in the 1890s with branches at Streatham, Balham, Richmond and Croydon.

Cheque issued by London, City & Midland Bank  

The Godalming branch of the London, City & Midland Bank can be seen here on the right, near the 'Pepperpot' (1912)

Surrey branches (pre-1900): Balham, Croydon, Guildford, Richmond, Streatham, Tooting