The bank was incorporated as a joint-stock bank in 1865 under the name Lloyds Banking Co. Ltd., arising from the amalgamation of Lloyds & Co. (Birmingham Old Bank) and Moilliets and Sons.

The name changed to Lloyds, Barnetts & Bosanquets Bank Ltd. in 1884 when the bank took over the old Lombard Street houses of Barnetts Hoare & Co. and Bosanquet, Salt & Co.  Barnetts Hoare and Co. derived from an old goldsmith’s business at the sign of the 'black horse', subsequently adopted by Lloyds.  The rather cumbersome name was changed in 1889 when it became Lloyds Bank Ltd.

In 1918, Lloyds took over Capital & Counties Bank, gaining a large number of branches throughout Surrey.    

Cheque issued by Guildford branch of Lloyds, four years after the take-over of Capital & Counties. 

An unusual grey design of cheque as compared to the normal pink and white design of the time. 

Surrey branches (pre-1900): Caterham, Oxted, Redhill