There is very little documentary evidence about the early days of banking in Kingston.  In about 1792 a Mr. Rowlls started a banking business alongside his drapery business.  In the early 1800s a Mr Henry Knight bought the drapery business and became a partner in the bank. 

Unissued 5 Guinea note of c1805

By 1808 William Shrubsole had joined the bank.  The business was now styled Knight, Haydon (William Haydon of Guildford Bank), and Shrubsole.

£1 note issued in 1808

The bank went through a number of partnership changes and in 1816 became William Shrubsole & Robert Lambert. By 1846 William Shrubsole jun.r.  had joined.  In 1873 the drapery business was sold, but Shrubsole and Lambert remained in control of the bank until it was taken over, in 1894, by Parr's Bank.