Very little is known about Godalmin & Surry Bank. The only evidence of its existence is the example of a £10 note below.

£10 note issued by Godalmin & Surry Bank


There were two banks which both traded as Godalming Bank. The first  was founded in 1808 by Thomas Mellersh, Robert Moline and James Weale.  In 1814, Thomas Mellersh left and set up his own rival bank (which was the other).

After 1814, Robert Moline continued in partneship with James Weale. In 1821 they were joined by Robert Moline's sons Benjamin and Robert.

Early unissued £1 note of Moline's Bank

Robert senior died in 1834 and Benjamin in 1835.  The partnership was dissolved in 1841 and the bank ceased trading. It is likely that the business was absorbed by Thomas Mellersh's bank.

GODALMING BANK (Mellersh & Co.)

After Thomas Mellersh, left Moline's bank, he went into partnership with two of Robert Moline's nephews, Richard and Benjamin Kidd. 

£10 note of Mellersh, Kidd & Kidd

The two Kidd brothers left the partnership in 1828 being succeeded by William Keen and William Poulter.  Thomas Mellersh continued to run the bank until he died, in 1870, being succeeded by two of his sons, Frederick and Robert Edmund.

unissued £10 note of Mellersh & Keen

Cheque issued by Mellersh, Keen & Poulter

£5 note of F & R E Mellersh

£50 note of F & R E Mellersh

Between 1874 and 1881, the bank opened a branch in Guildford High Street and another in East Street, Haslemere.  In 1893 Godalming Bank was taken over by Capital & Counties Bank.