Two banks were started in the early 19th century in Dorking. 


The first was Darking Bank; started in 1803 by the partnership of Robert Piper senior, George Dewdney and Thomas Piper.  Robert Piper died later that same year and the bank was run by George and Thomas up until its failure, in 1825.  The bank was situated in premises that are now no.s 93-95 High Street. By 1818, the bank also had a branch in Reigate.

Piper & Dewdney issued their own notes of £1, £5 and £10 denominations.

£1 note issued by Darking Bank

£5 note issued by Darking Bank

£10 note issued by Darking Bank


The second bank was that of Peters and Co. Joseph Peters and James Peters started their bank, in 1809. In August 1811, however, the partnership between Joseph and James was dissolved, with James withdrawing and Joseph continuing.

Joseph Peters had a Commission of Bankrupt awarded and issued against him in October 1819, which led to the failure of the bank.

£1 note issued by Peters & Co.

£2 note (an unusual denomination) issued by Peters & Co.

£5 note issued by Peters & Co.

The Reigate bank of Nash & Neale also later had a branch in the town.